Work from Home

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 cases, President Rodrigo Duterte has recently declared a state of public health emergency in the country. Meanwhile, the private sector is seeking various ways to contain the situation for the safety of their employees. Travel and face-to-face meetings have been reduced or avoided. Use of thermal guns and face masks has been encouraged, if not required. Some businesses have resorted to work-from-home arrangements with their employees.

According to Republic Act No. 11165, an employer in the private sector may offer a work-from-home arrangement to its employees on a voluntary basis. It is called telecommuting under the law as it involves the use of telecommunications and other computer technologies, which enable the employees to work at the safety of their homes or any alternative workplace. To ensure proper compliance with the law, the employer is required to notify the Department of Labor and Employment of its adoption of the telecommuting arrangement.

Check these out:

Official Gazette RA No. 11165

DOLE IRR of RA No. 11165